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March 2019   
The purpose of this scams bulletin is to enable Hampshire residents to be aware, and therefore guard against the type of scams currently being reported to Hampshire County Council Trading Standards Service.
   White Goods Insurance Policy Scam

The Trading Standards Service warns Hampshire residents about receiving an unsolicited telephone call from someone offering to sell them an insurance policy for their white goods.

The caller may say that a current insurance or warranty cover has expired and that this must be extended, or they will try to sell a new policy. They will want to take payment for the policy immediately which may be anything from approximately £28 upwards. Although paperwork with details of the cover will be sent, invariably the policy will not exist or it may be unnecessary or not needed. Read the full article.

   Fifa / Tokyo 2020 Lottery Scams

With the Olympic Games coming up in 2020, fraudsters are taking advantage of this global event and sending letters or emails alleging the recipient has won a large cash prize. Whilst the communication can include logos or branding that look official, they may also be badly written and contain mistakes. Invariably pressure will be placed upon the recipient to act urgently or the prize will be lost, and there may also be a warning not to tell anyone about the prize.

Such communications are a direct attempt to gather personal information from members of the public (known as ‘phishing’) that can then be used fraudulently or sold on to criminals. In other instances, once contact has been made, the perpetrator may ask for payment to process the ‘prize’. Read the full article.

   Debt Collection Scam

Hampshire Trading Standards Service has received reports from aggrieved residents about fraudulent debt collection letters.

 In two cases, this would appear to be a ‘second wave’ scam whereby the aggrieved had previously been subjected to a time share fraud. Read the full article.

   Banking Scams

Hampshire Trading Standards Service continues to receive information about so called courier or banking scams.

This fraud starts with an unsolicited telephone call from someone pretending to be from the bank, fraud investigation unit, Police or a similar enforcement or official body. Read the full article.

If you are worried about a potential scam please contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline: 03454 04 05 06
Web site: Online consumer complaint form
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